*Creating a Great Work Space for Peaceful Focus!

If you are like me, working in clutter and a mess makes me, well, wiggy.  I really dislike it!  So, I do the typical “work space cleanup” from time to time, and, maintain an organized desk with a variety of storage items AND a diffuser.  One of my favorite essential oils for my diffuser is lavendar – I use this.  And, this is my diffuser.

Check out this video for motivation and inspiration for getting your office in shape!

*Pretty Pink Organza Bags for Customers!

I have to admit, these a great find… these bags are 8×12 pink organza bags I **LOVE** to use to package the products my lovely customers buy from me!  You can see through them a little bit, and, there is a pull tie so you can cinch the bag closed.  I found these on Amazon for $12.99!  Aren’t they great???

I was a little concerned before I ordered them for the first time since I didn’t have experience with this merchant – I didn’t know if the bags were made well, the last thing I wanted was bad sewing, or, a cheap, yucky look.  I was very pleasantly surprised and love them!

You can find KUPOO Pack of 50 pcs 8×12 inch Organze Drawstring Gift Bag Pouch Wrap on Amazon! (IMAGINE THAT!!! 😉 )

If you try them, let me know what you think!!!

*Why I Use GetResponse

Everybody KNOWS that building an email list is VITAL to building a business!  I know, we all get so many emails, bla bla bla, BUT statistics don’t lie!  HOWEVER, don’t take it from me, do some research on how email marketing works for YOUR market.  One size never fits all – email marketing works for some, not others.  This post is not about whether or not you should use email marketing, it is assuming you will be using email marketing!  After that assumption, I am here to share a tool you will absolutely LOVE!

I just *LOVE* GetResponse.com – “All-in-one Online Marketing Platform to Grow Your Business”

What does that mean exactly?  Here are some of the things GetResponse.com can do:
-compose & send emails on demand OR through an autoresponder
-split tests
-squeeze pages
-email analytics & statistics

GetResponse.com even has an arsenal of video tutorials to help you realize all it can do AND how to use the platform!

What do you need to do in order to sign up?  Well, if you click through this link, you will get a free trial AND $30 off should you decide to become a paying customer.

BUT, let’s not stop there… in order to know the value which GetResponse.com offers, we have to be SURE you know what email marketing is all about, let’s chat about lead magnets.  Have you heard of a lead magnet?  Our friends over at Grow the Rabbit created this nice graphic (you should ALSO check them out for more info about email marketing)!  A lead magnet is the proverbial carrot which you strategically place in front of your audience, that carrot entices them to visit a squeeze page (as example, “for more information, visit www.whatever.com”).  On the squeeze page you are GIVING your audience even MORE value!  Don’t skimp, go all out – remember, you want to create RAVING FANS!  Next comes the fun part.  If you have gone all out, given great value, and, your reader is still loving you, wanting more – give them MORE – with a catch!  The catch is, they have to register to receive it!  So… on your squeeze page (which you created with GetResponse.com), you have a form which asks for their name and email!  With a tool like GetResponse.com, your RAVING FANS will give you their names and emails in exchange for the carrot, aka lead magnet.  Then, like magic, you can have your GetResponse.com platform deliver an email to them automatically (autoresponder) and you don’t have to lift a finger.  In the magic email is the information your RAVING FANS were asking for.  NOW, you have them!  Your list is one larger!!  Use your list WITH RESPECT (do NOT spam, only INDULGE your readers with VALUE).

Once you develop great ads, great squeeze pages, and, a great list of RAVING FANS, you have cracked the code!  Your approaches will be less “cold calling” (online ads to new viewers) and more warm market (members of your email list – RAVING FANS)!

What questions to you have?


Attention all DIRECT SALES PROS!!! New Leggings Company, AFFILIATES NEEDED!!

You have most likely seen my social media posts about this – there is a new leggings company starting up, and, they are in need of affiliates!  Only 250 will be allowed to join up when the company launches on or about April 1, 2017 – will you be one of them who will be selling leggings like these:

You can sign up here – once you do, you will get an email back from me with all sorts of information!

Don’t miss out on an opportunity like this!!!  Questions? email me