Getting started with Canva

One of my all time favorites – Canva!  This site has an AMAZING free account level of services, so much benefit.  You can also subscribe to the pro version for about $13 per month, paid monthly OR about $120 annually.


This tool impressed me from day 1.  You can create perfectly sized email headers, facebook post images, youtube thumbnails, blog graphics, and sooooo much more.

I got ahold of a link to a 4-part canva learning series, you totally have to check it out.  You can get started with the first learning video here: This is Canva

This workshop is designed for those looking to explore a whole new way to design. Students will be guided through an in depth tour of the user interface and all of the features and functionality, and also provided helpful tips that will get new users ready to hit the ground running with their Canva design skills.