Door knocking with door hangers – you’re gonna love these tear-away cards!

No matter which business or industry you are part of, if you knock on doors in your line of work, you will want to see this!  These door hangers come in a sheet of two.  Each door hanger has 2 tear away cards with can be kept and shared with a sponse or a friend!  The cards which get torn away can be created to be business cards, sales promotions cards, customer loyaltee cards, etc… You can get AVERY DOOR HANGERS WITH TEAR AWAY CARDS at Amazon for $7.99  ( and click here to –> head on over to to create and print out YOUR custom cards here.

Suggested used? real estate, avon (and other direct sales companies), home repair, pizza/restaurant, local events, scouting projects… How have you used door hangers with tear away cards?  If you have used these door hangers, will you share your pics with me?


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