Real estate TRANSACTION COORDINATION services – what I can do for YOU!

Are you a Realtor who is overworked, wondering how you are going to hold it together to get it all done so you SUPREMELY support your clients during their most important purchase or sale of home?

What can I do for you? Here are some common items…

Contract to Close (for buyers)
-write up purchase agreements (Virginia only)
-verify all documents are received and complete
-submit ratified contract to all parties
-schedule inspections
-verify inspections
-manage addenda and supporting documents
-schedule repairs
-schedule settlement
-ongoing communications with all parties
-verify contingencies
-ongoing negotiations through settlement

Listing Management (for sellers)
-schedule photos/video/staging and any other service providers (maid service, handy man, lawn care etc…)
-enter listing into the MLS (depending on your location and jurisdictional rules)
-prepare marketing materials
-schedule open houses/market to buyer agents
-contract to close items from list above (which may apply to sellers)

For purchase and listing transactions…
Most Realtors also have some customized processes which I manage as well. This may consist of sending client touch emails to set and maintain education & expectations, moving clients from one marketing program to another as they move through the pipeline, ordering of settlement gifts, etc… These are added touches which create that great experience for the client. When managing contract to close for a buyer client, I can assume all your behind the scenes tasks so you can be assisting your clients directly.

How much does this cost?

Whether a purchase or a listing transaction, usually $300-$500… often even less.  The nice part is, we will chat, discover how I can best support you, and, I will offer you a professional proposal, in writing AND once we get that out of the way, you don’t have to pay me until you close!  That means no out of pocket expences for you!!

Another note – to help keep everything straight and EASILY available to you, service providers, clients, and, all necessary parties, I use a really awesome transaction management software application which really does a great job of helping me keep everything organized for you!  

So, if you would like to stop burning your candle at both ends, get in touch with me – I will help you.

Call/text or email NOW – don’t put it off until things fall apart or you lose your mind! 🙂

~Lori 703-399-5618

ps – I am a licensed Realtor, have been through many transactions, I KNOW how this works! I earned my salesperson license in Virginia in 2005, am currently working on my Virginia broker’s license.  ALSO, I am a licensed instructor with the Virginia Real Estate Board – I teach the pre-license class, post license and continuing education courses as required by Virginia, and, am a new-Realtor mentor for my office.


Use business cards, but, not like a crutch…

I was talking with a new small business owner who was lamenting about how long it was taking for her new business cards to arrive.  I didn’t give her comment much consideration, and, moved on with a question for her… I asked her “…how are things going, are you having any luck finding new clients?”  Well, she looked at me like I was insane, and, replied “I can’t work yet, like I said, my business cards haven’t arrived yet.” (and all said with an attitude, I may add)

Little did could this lady know, her comment has given me a great talking point over the years.  I didn’t tell her she was making excuses, I didn’t tell her she was convincing herself she couldn’t.  She was making excuses so she didn’t have to work yet.  Not quite sure why, we wont focus on that.  What I do want to provide is a couple of solutions to you new business owners…

When you are new, and, you don’t have business cards yet (or any other tool which will help you move forward), you CAN do business.  You CAN meet and talk with people, you can call people on the phone, you can do all sorts of things!  What I do when I run out of business cards is take out my business card holder (which I know is empty), open it, and, say something to the effect of “oh, I forgot, I ran out of cards – what’s your cell & email – I’ll email and text you my contact card”

Don’t let your lack of business cards be an excuse as to why you can’t be working IN your business.  Here’s an idea if ya really can’t function without cards (especially at a large networking event) – buy a package of business cards on Amazon, design and print a SIMPLE design (which will not look homemade) at, and, use those, temporarily, until your ordered ones come in, no biggie.  It’s not nearly as important to have slick business cards as you may think, but, if ya gotta have em, think about buying these:

Avery Two-Side Printable Clean Edge Business Cards for Inkjet Printers, Matte, White, Pack of 200 (08871)

  • Clean, smooth edges for a professional presentation
  • True Print product feature creates better printer alignment of text and images for great results.
  • Two-sided printing provides greater surface area to give your clients key information
  • Extra-sturdy, matte-coated cards feel substantial in your hand
  • Convenient do-it-yourself cards mean that you can make changes to your design as often as you like
  • Design and print from your desktop in minutes

And, like I said, make some simple ones at, print right from your printer, and, poof, problem solved.  In fact, I’ll make it easy for ya – here is the exact right template to use on  Click on THIS LINK then select one of the first two options in the list – to print one side or both.  And, remember – it is up to YOU to succeed, your excuses wont do it for you!

What tips do you have?  Comment below, and, let us know!

YouTube Director for Business!

Creating video content for your business is more important than ever, but it can be difficult. Thankfully, the new ‘YouTube Director for Business’ app for iOS devices lets you create polished looking videos quickly and easily – right from your phone. No editing knowledge required!

Join Lori to see how you can be using YouTube Director for Business to enhance YOUR real estate business. We will go through the basics on how to get the YouTube Director for Business app, how to use it, and, we will discuss the different ways you can use the videos you create to generate leads, educate your contacts, support your clients, grow your sphere, and, more! email me to RSVP.